K M Copham

My work has to do with stories, characters and individuals, how we interact with each other, what we do, how we see ourselves.  My current project captures individual sitters on 10" square boards, which are later installed in a tiled grid.  Although each person has a story and I attempt to capture their character rather than a realistic rendition, the effect of the whole installation is to depersonalize the individual.  Variations of the exhibit, Your Face Here, have been exhibited in Tribeca, NY, St. Paul, MN and Guadalajara Mexico.

The 2007 Exhibit, The UnNatural World, was an installation of ceramic and oil works coupled with live performance, which reflected the show’s theme of metaphysical anxiety in the physical modern world. The abstract works are belligerent expressions of physicality- the sensual, sexual, violent, exuberant, overwhelming, painful, inexplicable nature of living as a sentient (aware) being trapped briefly in a physical body.  During gallery hours Copham performed in and interacted with the space.  Copham made a video to explain her absence during one performance weekend: http://www.youtube.com/v/fGusVyi784g)

In 2004 - 2005, I painted nude male artists, collaborating with each man to create a work that represented their work and who they are. Instead of approaching each artist as an object in the painting, I approached them as a subject and gave them a voice.  This body of work speaks to our preconceptions about male nudity as a primarily homoerotic form and also challenges the history of gender in nude artwork, i.e. the historical tradition of male artists painting nude women.  

In 2001 - 2003 I painted myself nude in two different series, My Personal Gestalt, which dealt with both negative and positive aspects of my self, and Fields of Being, in which my figure represented in a semi-fetal-position is repeated using color, scale and repetition to address competing issues of alienation, failure, empowerment and fear.  Both the male nude paintings and nude self portraits are large scale oil on canvas (36" x 60" and 30" x 40".)

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Installation view, One Thousand Faces, LZ Project Space

Installation view, One Thousand Faces, LZ Project Space

11 Ole Blalid

301 Timothy D Kehr

400 Mi Kyung Kim

506 Kenroy Lumsden

514 Zeina Assaf

Your Face Here installation at Next Gallery, Soho

Your Face Here installation at Next Gallery, Soho

Alien Blanket with Fringes

I "Heart" Aliens

Grouping of Eight Figurative Works

Kneeling Woman (Inside/ Out)

Walking Man

Detail, Y55.R57.B49.G43

Uncertain (portrait of Marty Ganser, scupltor)

Alone At The Party

Your Face Here, Installation View

Mountain Man: Portrait of Anonymous painter & photographer

The Poet: Portrait of Richard Houff, Poet

The Manhole Cover Guy: Portrait of Mark Barsness, Painter

Photographer on the Roof: Portrait of Tobechi Tobechukwu. Photographer

The Russian: Portrait of Pavel Sepelenko, Painter & SOVA Student

Joy Ride

La Guerrillita

Might As Well

Sheltered By Bright

The End

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